Water main breaks frustrate local residents


Davenport, IA (KWQC) Borrowing the neighbors bathroom, living without water for hours at a time. Those are some of the inconveniences of water main breaks that neighbors in Davenport say happen often between hickory grove road and Columbia Avenue.  Iowa american water tell us there were 129 water main breaks last year. So far, five days into the new year there have been 4. Residents say it’s becoming a hassle not having water in her home for hours at a time. But many people say there are many reasons behind the water main breaks. Iowa American Water say, the weather is the main reason, they say, many main breaks occur between November and March.

“And that’s typically because frost is going into the ground,” said Iowa American Water spokesperson, Lisa Reisen. “You know the fall turns to winter and pipes start shifting in the ground and a metal pipe is not real flexible so needless to say when the weather gets cold and the ground starts shifting we have a weak spot in a water main it’s going to burst.”

Iowa American Water also tells TV6 that it will work diligently to get new pipes in the Columbia ave neighborhood.

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