Mediacom customers report problems watching KWQC-TV6

mediacomQUAD CITIES (KWQC) — We’ve had reports from some Mediacom subscribers who were not able to view KWQC-TV6 on Tuesday morning, January 24, 2017.

Officials at Mediacom tell us their engineers did some work overnight that could affect viewers that don’t use cable boxes. They tell us any viewers having problems should re-scan their TVs.

Statement issued by Medicom on Jan. 25, 2017:

Mediacom Communications is informing customers in some communities that a simple step to re-scan television channels is needed to ensure that reception is returned to television screens where the service does not include a Mediacom digital adapter or cable receiver (cable box).

In recent days, Mediacom network technicians made channel configuration changes during the after-midnight maintenance window. Officials with the company describe those as mostly “behind-the-scenes” alterations made to re-purpose bandwidth for use in the delivery of the company’s newly-announced 1-Gig internet service, and for new video service options to be available to customers in the near future.

Mediacom officials stressed that the network adjustments do not affect channel display numbers for televisions connected to Mediacom equipment (e.g. digital adapters, TiVo devices, digital receiver / set-top-boxes).

The exception is with televisions using “digital ready” channel numbers which are shown with decimal numbers. For those televisions connected to Mediacom’s network without the aid of a digital box or adapter, some cable channels may now be assigned a different numerical location.

Mediacom officials emphasized that the simple step of using the re-scan function on the TV remote will likely resolve the issue of not seeing a channel a customer normally receives. As television makes and models vary, customers should refer to their television owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific steps on how to perform a channel scan for the television. More information is available on Mediacom’s website:

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