Moline School District works to balance dual language program

Lincoln-Irving classroom

MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – The dual language program has been growing at Lincoln-Irving since the first pilot class started in 2012. The program creates a non-traditional learning experience for students by teaching children the typical school subjects, but in both English and Spanish.

When walking into a typical class at the elementary school, the combination of both languages can immediately be heard as the teachers give students instructions.

But, not everyone wants the non-traditional classroom setting, or may move into the neighborhood with a child that previously learned in an English-only classroom. Administrators have been trying to balance the growing program and serving students that want to learn in a one-language setting.

Currently in Moline, some students not wanting to participate in the program have to travel much farther for school. The school district has been working to find a “home” school for these students, and approached parents with a proposal on Jan. 23.

The original proposal suggested numerous changes, including cutting back one section of the dual language program at Lincoln-Irving.

Parents expressed concern with the proposal, and the school district went back to the drawing board.

On Thursday, Feb. 2 parents will get the chance to hear a second proposal at a Special Board of Education Meeting.

“It keeps three sections of that dual, [and] allows for transfers into dual, which is one of our highest demands programs in the district,” said Stephanie Jordan, Director for Federal Grants and Curricular Support. “It also will equalize classes at WIlliard, and give students moving into the Lincoln-Irving district a home school. And one of the things we have noted are Williard and Lincoln-Irving are very close together.”

Williard, located just half a mile down 16th Ave., would serve as a closer “home” school location for those not wanting to participate in dual language learning.

The meeting to hear the details of the new proposal will be held at Lincoln-Irving (1015 16th Ave.) at 6:00 p.m. Administrators say a majority of the meeting will be reserved for parent feedback, but they think the community will respond positively to the new proposal.

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