IL State Senator Neil Anderson files bill to repeal FOID Act


SPRINGFIELD, Ill (KWQC)- Two bills have been filed in the Illinois Legislature to repeal the Illinois Firearm Owner Identification Act.

Senate Bill 1324 was filed by State Senator Neil Anderson Thursday, and House Bill 0492 was filed last week to do the same.

“In my opinion,and the opinion of a lot of people, the FOID card is nothing more than a cash grab for the state of Illinois,” said Senator Anderson (R) of Moline.

The $10 card is required for anyone in the state if they own firearms or ammunition.

It was originally designed as a database of gun owners for the state. That list, though no longer public, still exists.

Senator Anderson says the law is redundant, and an infringement of Second Amendment rights.

“When I, in Illinois, go buy a firearm, I have to go through the same federal background check, in addition to having the FOID card,” Anderson added.

Wayne Peterson, Co-Owner of JW Shooting Parlor agrees.

“In my mind, I understand the FOID card but overall it’s a redundant situation,” said Peterson.

When someone buys a firearm from a gun shop or any Federal Firearm Licensed dealer, a federal background check is performed along with showing the Illinois FOID card.

Plus, a three-day hold is put on a pistol purchase, and a 24 hour hold for a long gun.

Senator Anderson and Peterson both agree, if the federal check comes back clean, that does more than the FOID itself.

“Every time you buy a gun, you go through a federal background check,” said Anderson. “So, what is the purpose of having the card?”

“A lot of people have the devils advocate is that it stops criminals or people with mental problems from getting a foid card,” said Peterson. “Well, if I do a background check and everyone else is doing their jobs with reporting mental illness. We’re all good”

At least two other states in the US have similar laws, but none are as far-reaching as the Illinois FOID card.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence does give Illinois gun laws a B+ rating, it lists the FOID card requirements as a positive for the state.



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