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Sarah’s Story-Part One

This story begins about twenty years ago. A Bettendorf teenager and some of her friends are on the way to a concert the Mississippi Valley F…


Kewanee’s Oldest House

It’s a first for Kewanee. The Potter House was built before the town was laid out.


History in Hillsdale

Home is where the heart is! That’s the way it has been for several generations of the Wainwright Family.


Fascinated With The Flute

She is not a music major. However, you’d never know it. Augustana College student Kylie Gember knew at an early age she wanted to play the f…


They’re All Heart!

It is an annual tradition at a small country church in Monmouth, Iowa. When Valentine’s Day approaches, church members roll out the dough. C…


A Master with Matchsticks

Jim Scott says his hobby requires patience, practice, and perseverance. The eighty two year old from Muscatine County is a master with match…

Doing the Senior Shuffle - Fran Riley

Doing the Senior Shuffle

Going for the gold! A group of seniors intent on “shuffling” their way to the medal stand.

Get The Duke His Due - Fran Riley Feature - Duke Slater

Get The Duke His Due

A tremendous athlete. A judge. A gentleman. The name Duke Slater is legendary at Clinton High School.


Dedicated To The Written Word

The current exhibit at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum takes an up close look at some of the key people and places surrounding the Wa…


Where The Warriors Hang Out

It’s a world of turtle spins and guard lifts. Arm locks and elbow escapes. The place where forty two year old Ruben Moreno trains three to f…


Pulling Some Strings

He plays, builds, and repairs. Kenny Fox likes to pull strings. Guitar strings. The Louisa County man is a guitar guru.

Flight To Freedom - Fran Riley Feature

Flight To Freedom

Walk in the footsteps of Brian “Fox” Ellis. He brings history to life. The accomplished storyteller has a way with words.


High Hopes

The New Year is bringing high hopes in downtown Clinton. There is an ambitious plan to bring more affordable housing to the downtown.


Semi Surgeons

Perhaps they are the unsung heroes of the trucking world. The mechanics who keep the big rigs running. Ken Hunter is the instructor at Scott…


Jazzed About Music And Muscatine

His fingers fly across the keyboard on the Steinway. She makes the flute sing. Jeff and Anne Barnhart are the gifted duo: Ivory and Gold.