An Artist’s Stuff

Fran Riley Feature: Steve Banks makes his own rules. This Davenport artist puts a little bit of everything into his work.

fran 2-26-15

Everyone Sparkles

She is a teenage author and Illustrator. Seventeen year old student Shelby Knobloch is also an inspiration.

fran 2-25-15 b

Mister Mechanic

Bobby Shirlaw is the head mechanic at BowlMor in Davenport. He spends much of his time behind the scenes, keeping the automatic pinspotter m…


To The Rescue!

The program is designed to put bread on the table. The motto is: “If you can’t use it, maybe somebody else can.” It’s the Food Rescue Progra…

fran 2-23-15

Fit For A Cook

Cathy Lafrenz thinks her collection is unique! The Donahue woman sews and collects aprons. Cathy says each apron has a personality of its ow…


Stained Glass Story

Fran Riley Feature: Beautiful artwork at Saint Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church in Davenport.

fran 2-19-15

An Artist’s Salute

Fran Riley Feature: Bettendorf’s Michael Blaser is recognized nationally for his maritime art. He’s also accomplished in military art.

fran 2-18-15

Next best thing to being there!

You’re itching to get on the golf course. In Coal Valley, there are some guys who are getting a head start on their game. High Definition go…

fran 2-16-15

DeWitt’s downtown gem

There was a time more than a thousand opera houses dotted the Iowa landscape. That was a century ago. Many have disappeared. Not so in DeWit…

fran 2-13-15

Love is a many splendored thing!

A Bettendorf couple married for almost seventy years! Jim and Jeanne Stopulos turn back the pages of time. Jim, the handsome Army Air Corps …

fran 2-12-15

Avid about aviation

Don Keeney enjoys building model airplanes, and has dozens of open cockpit planes on display at the Bettendorf Public Library. take a look a…

fran 2-11-15

Good Vibes

Recently, Davenport Central High School performers took their talent to Sudlow Intermediate School. Talented musicians and students who work…

fran 2-10-15

It’s All In The Cards!

Nothing says you care quite like a card. Especially if it is hand made. A group of women at Asbury United Methodist Church in Bettendorf are…

fran 2-9-15

What’s Cooking!

Fridays are special at Pleasant Valley High School. That’s the day special needs students prepare lunch for faculty members. The Pleasant Va…

fran 2-8-15

Riding, Roping, Racing

An action filled atmosphere. Students back in the saddle again. Black Hawk East in Henry County, Illinois teaches riding, roping, and racing…

fran 2-5-15

Music and Ministry

Elden Decker says he tries to keep it simple. Several years ago, Elden felt the urge to establish a guitar clinic. It’s exactly what he did …