Fabulous Fryxell12

Fabulous Fryxell

It’s a special place! A museum at Augustana College where you can take a giant step back in time. Visiting the Fryxell Geology Museum is lik…

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The Mopar Muscle Man

Drag racing fans certainly remember the Mopar. Short for motor parts! Chrysler’s tough, fast running, sleek, two door cars. Larry Griffith d…

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Network To Freedom

He is a history teacher from Nebraska. Barry Jurgensen also does extensive research. He is passionate about preserving the story of the Unde…

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Preserving A Piece Of The Past

The original limestone walls are rock solid. Some of the original beams are in the basement of the building. Dick Kunau thinks the Old Prest…

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Daddy and Maddi

She has placed first in competition as a soloist and in pipe and drum events. Madison’s sister is an accomplished Scottish snare drummer, an…

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Eagles and Ivories

One is a teenage sensation. The other a veterinarian. Both are gifted piano players. Fourteen year old Daniel Souvigny and veterinarian Dave…

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A Close Shave

The neighborhood barber shop! Years ago, shave and a haircut. Two bits. Jerry Carter from Hampton is trying to preserve a piece of the past.

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Light As A Feather

She loves to ruffle her feathers. Vada Baker of West Liberty has a unique style. Vada is a feather artist…

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Safe Families

In a crisis, whom do at risk families turn to? A few months ago, a Davenport mother and her three children faced a crisis.

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Art Is The Answer

Artist Sharon Michaelsen calls it her second home. The former men’s clothing store on North State Street is home to the Geneseo Art League.

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Teacher On The Trail

Erin Montgomery and the students in her seventh grade class “meet the mushers.” Erin teaches at Camanche Middle School. She has the distinct…

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Relics Of A Saint

Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Galesburg has a special connection to a boyhood saint. Saint Crescent died a martyr for his faith. He was …

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Iowa Parrot Rescue

There’s a place in Letts, Iowa definitely for the birds… To be more specific, parrots.

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Raving About The Renaissance

Hear ye. Hear ye! The North Scott High School Singers bid thee welcome. This elite choir consists of king and queen, monks and musketeers, a…

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A Flair For Fabric

Fabric is her friend! Rosalie Baker of Davenport is an award winning quilter. Her work is recognized internationally.


Playing Pretty Things

He chuckles about those days. If Danny made a mistake, a nun would hit him on the knuckles with a ruler. He says that hurt.