fran 7-29-15

Young Hands and Big Projects

Father and son share a common bond. Dan Jamison and his son Nick side by side on their Scott County Farm. One generation passing on the love…

fran 7-28-15

The Barn Raisers

On location. With Kelly Rundle and his wife Tammy. The award winning couple from the Quad Cities is in the process of producing and writing …


Rocking On The River

Their stage is the Rock River. Their sights are set on a national championship. One of the largest water ski show teams in the country. They…


Road Tripping On The Lincoln Highway

Almost one hundred years ago, the wheels were set in motion. Carl Fisher from Indiana and some other automobile enthusiasts became cheerlead…

fran 7-14-15

Tracking Turtles

He is wired for sound. Wildlife Biologist Jeramie Strickland dials in. Using sophisticated equipment, his mission is to locate ornate box tu…

Dream Weavers

Dream Weavers

Having fun with fiber. It’s Summer Camp at Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf. Art instructor Colleen Tomlinson teaches campers to transform…

fran 7-6-15b

Photo Finish

Cindi Naber says she never goes anywhere without her camera. The Muscatine County woman often travels the back roads of Iowa, ready to take …

Aisle of Flags

Aisle of Flags

Patriotism in the park! The folks in Geneseo know all about it. The Henry County community is extremely proud of its Aisle of Flags!

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Leave Nothing To Waste

The Scott County man uses a number of materials to create art. Working out of his rural studio, he uses glue and other tools to create licen…