Wood Is The Word

Craftsmen in the groove! Turning wood, using a lathe. It’s all part of what takes place at the Quad Cities Wood Turners Club in Rock Island.

fran 5-21-15

For The Love Of The Game

Baseball. America’s game. In Muscatine, the semi-pro Red Sox had a tremendous run. Legendary Manager George Long skippered the team for 67 y…

fran 5-20-15

Not Complaining, Just Explaining

They are friends. Graduates from United Township High School in 1986. Now Lisa Comeaux and Jeff Bernat are co-authors.

fran 5-18-15

Piece By Piece

It’s not a big deal when Linda Manning is puzzled. Matter of fact, the Bettendorf woman says it’s a relaxing feeling. Linda works puzzles. H…


The Camera Man

Jim Gabriel is the camera man from Columbus Junction. It’s not unusual to see him around town, taking photos in the community where he grew …

fran 5-11-15

Wood Carving Couple

Vonnie and Bill Mitton have a way with wood. The husband and wife from Port Byron are very creative.

fran 5-8-15

Avid About Aviation

Twenty Two year old Sam Larson was born to fly. Ever since he was a kid, Larson loved to hang out at the Quad City Air Show.


Lillian’s Little Dresses

What a banner year for Lillian Weber! In Lillian’s little corner of the world, the sewing machine is humming. Her mission is making Little D…

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Mariachi Music Makers

It’s a combination of custom and culture. Several students at Glenview Middle School are members of the Youth Mariachi Band. Rich Clark is t…