Career Change And Canoes

Sue Peterson’s venture on Craig’s List resulted in an interesting purchase. About four years ago, Sue and her husband Bruce decided to buy N…


Custom Made

A hobby becomes a budding business. Dave Heald left one job to make way for another.

Quite A Fish Story - Fran Riley Feature

Quite A Fish Story

Founded in 1908. It became a place where scientists from all over the world came to do research. Today, the Fairport Fish Hatchery in Muscat…


Bucktown’s Leading Lady

She is a gifted artist. A traveler. A bundle of enthusiasm. Bucktown Fine Art Gallery and Pat Bereskin are a perfect match.

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling - Fran Riley Feature

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

It is a fisherman’s paradise. A playground on the water. Lost Grove Lake in Scott County is also a wonderful spot for kayaking.


Helping The Mighty Monarchs

Fifth grade students at Louisa-Muscatine Elementary School search the tall prairie grass behind the school. They are on the lookout for mona…

The Hollywood Humanitarian - Fran Riley Feature

The Hollywood Humanitarian

Carl Laemmle is the founder of Universal Studios. A pioneer in film making. Also, a humanitarian.

Jenny Lind Museum - Fran Riley Feature

Immigration On The Prairie

During this presidential election year, immigration is a hot topic. More than a century ago, Swedish immigration had a large impact in Henry…

fran 9-2-16

Faith and Freedom

Church heritage. One hundred sixty years. A very significant anniversary for Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rock Island.

Coca-Cola Collection - Fran Riley Feature

Coca-Cola Collection

It’s as American as apple pie! A soft drink sensation which made its debut in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. Coca-Cola.

fran 8-31-16

It’s About Full Service

A family owned fixture in Henry County, Illinois. A slice of small town charm. Robbie’s Full Service gas station on East Court in Cambridge …

The Fifty One Rides Again - Tin Woody - Fran Riley Feature

The Fifty One Rides Again

Once a rust bucket. Now a classic car. A 1951 Tin Woodie Wagon. The pride and joy of owner Merlin Gehrke of Davenport.

Chipper’s Water World - Fran Riley Feature

Chipper’s Water World

He knows the drill. Chipper, a one hundred pound Yellow Labrador, works out on an underwater treadmill at City Line Veterinary Center in Mol…

History At The Hardware Store - Fran Riley Feature

History At The Hardware Store

Once a hardware store. Also, formerly a teen center and a nightclub. The Kewanee Historical Society is located in the Butterwick Building.

fran 8-25-16

A Pioneer in Public Education

You might not recognize the name. However, Mary Allen West is a legend in Illinois Public Education.

Run Genie Run! - Fran Riley Feature

Run Genie Run!

She is a profile in courage. This is the remarkable story about a Quad City woman and the high tech machine helping to improve her quality o…