goat farm

Milan goat farm

MILAN, Ill. (KWQC) – Jim and Linda Johansen of Milan thought it would be a hobby. Now, it’s a full-time business. The couple raises several …

fran as a ham

A radio ham

Dave Mayfield has a ham shack in his basement. He collects, restores, and uses ham radio equipment.

fran 3-23-15

Ukrainian egg art

It’s a beautiful art form. A Davenport woman uses beeswax and dye to teach the Ukranian Easter egg art of Pysanky. Here is Shelly Janikowsky…

fran 3-17-15

Celtic Rhythm

Fran Riley Feature: The girls are Irish dancers, ranging in age from eight to seventeen. Colleen Kosier is the instructor.

Putting The Pieces Together 11

Putting The Pieces Together

Fran Riley Feature: Vicki and Jim Rocker’s stained glass window studio. At the end of a country lane in rural East Moline is a Glass Illusio…

fran 3-13-15

Silence Is Golden

A former school teacher from Washington, Iowa owns an extremely rare collection of silent films from the Brinton Collection.

fran 3-12-15

Equal Rights Pioneer

The name might not be familiar to you. Some say it is lost in history. Alexander Clark. Muscatine’s Equal Rights Pioneer.


Trolling Along

Caution! When entering Donna Green’s home in Fulton, you’ll come to a troll crossing. Donna has a room full of troll dolls. Approximately tw…

fran 3-10-15

She’s a stitch

Donna Nelson’s living room is like a gallery. A tribute to the beautiful needlework she does. Her hands and attention to detail. Steady as e…


Marvel Approach

Tony Jacquin gets his point across in a very visual way. Jacquin teaches at Eagle Ridge Elementary School in The Carbon Cliff-Barstow Distri…

fran 3-6-15

Ground Fighting

The students do a bear crawl, monkey twist, and crab walk. It’s warm-up for the main attraction at Travis Tarpein’s Martial Arts Center in M…

Fran Riley Feature 3-5-15

High Arctic Research

Fran Riley Feature: Doctors Jennifer and Kurt Burnham and the High Arctic Institute

fran 3-2-15

An Artist’s Stuff

Fran Riley Feature: Steve Banks makes his own rules. This Davenport artist puts a little bit of everything into his work.