QC Tough Jobs: Airport ramp agent

Directing airplanes during take-off and landing, loading and unloading luggage, it’s a job that’s fast-paced and involves some heavy lifting…

QC tough cafeteria

QC Tough Jobs: Cafeteria staff

Preparing and serving food may not sound that hard but it is when you’re feeding hundreds of kids at school.


QC Tough Jobs: Humane Society

KWQC’s Morgan Ottier tackles another “Tough Job.” This time, she’s cleaning dog kennels, cat litters and animal dishes.

morgan bed bugs

QC Tough Jobs: Bed Bugs

KWQC’s Morgan Ottier tackles another tough job, eliminating bed bugs with Quik Kill Pest Control.

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Quad City Tough Jobs: Part 1, Landfill

The average person throws away 5 to 7 lbs. of garbage every day. All of it ends up in area landfills. But what happens to it next? At the Sc…

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Quad City Tough Jobs: Part 2, Zoo

The Niabi Zoo is home to more than 140 different species of animals. with 10 zookeepers who take care of those animals. It's not an eas…

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Quad City Tough Jobs: Part 3, Brewery

Great River Brewery, located in downtown Davenport, distributes locally made craft beer to seven states. On a typical day, Great River brews…